The moments that linger

Combining photojournalism & aesthetics, your laughters and tears are not simply captured but in a beautiful way. Just enjoy the day with your beloved one, we will do the rest. 

Our prewedding is not just a photography day. It's more like a great day you two dressed beautifully and have a day trip with us. Everything comes easy and natural. 

We appreciate any destinations for your prewedding photography. Fly abroad with your partner as long as you desire. Let us delight your journey like magic. 

Is it okay not to shoot outdoor? Of course yes! Standing out of the chaos and do it indoor as you prefer. Simplicity & elegance are most longlasting.

How grateful becoming a mom-to-be. Let this pregnancy period lasts longer through a photograph.

What is a wedding really means to us?


  • The Best Wedding Photographers In 2020~2022 By Sassy
  • Top 10 Wedding Photographer In 2017 & 2018 By Wedding Magazine
  • Best 10 Wedding Photographers In 2014 & 2015 By All About Wedding
  • Sony & PPAC Assigned Educator 
  • Gold Award From British SWPP & 40+ International Awards

About Kel Li

Using creative composition and his strong eye for aesthetics, Kel Li will capture the personalities and fun behind each picture, resulting in visually stunning photos that are full of joy and life. Far from your typical photographer, he has even snapped couples blindfolded! With his energy and passion, he knows just what it takes to put you at ease and make you smile.

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