KEL LI剛獲得ESDLIFE(生活易)頒發成為「優質婚禮商戶」
KEL LI ART GALLERY剛獲得ESDLIFE(生活易)頒發成為「優質婚禮商戶」


KEL LI ART GALLERY獲得ESDLIFE(生活易)頒發成為「優質婚禮商戶」,這是對我們優質服務的肯定,讓客戶選擇我們服務時可以更加安心。


KEL LI ART GALLERY has achieved the qualification of being a “Quality Wedding Merchant” provided by ESDLIFE. This is an assurance of the quality service we provide.

We don’t just shoot photos. More importantly we shoot the glamour of you, we shoot the love between two of you. Perhaps you have not even realized how beautiful you can be. We see it and capture it for you. This is our mission and it’s just that simple.