My time-lagged lover

Since after the daughter was born, being a pillar of the family Shek Fai had to leave home for work every day while his daughter was still asleep. He felt a heartbreak when knowing his daughter yelled for not seeing him waking up.

Being a father and owner of a local brand for male suit, he’s been tired travelling around for work and didn’t spend much time on her. He started to fell real about her until one day she started to call him “dad” clearly. His little “lover” turned from a hand-held baby into a little lady like all of a sudden. “I wish I could hold on her to my arms forever without her growing any more”

However there’s nothing I could do for stopping her from growing. In order to preserve this intimate moment, he asked his photographer friend, KEL LI, to do a photoshoot for his daughter and himself. “There must be one suit I designed for him”. Shek Fai then designed a blue suit in grids for both his daughter and himself as a couple suit. This is not just a good present for my little lover, it’s the best present ever for me! The photos not only for memories. It’s a good chance to earn such a great family day!

Whenever we talk about his little lover, he can’t help smiling. They weren’t that so close before.

“I’m the only one to earn a living in the family so I have to travel between Hong Kong suit boutique and & factory in China often. Leaving home early and going back late seem to be a routine for me. I can’t imagine how muchI have missed out how she grew up.”

The adorable little lover has some trick to make me irresistible that is when I am about to wake up, she lays down on my chest and wrapping me as if I am her doll.

Photographer:Kel Li, Videographer:Rex Li, Makeup & Styling:Kitty So, Hair: Nicole Li, Lighting:Markus Yang, Editing: Ray, Suit:unEnding

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漫浪既新定義 - 樽裝鮮奶
New definition for romance – Milk in candle light dinner
Romance with the little lover


父女照, 父女親蜜照, 非一般家庭照

unEnding 男仕禮服
Dad’s own designed suits – unEnding
In order to prepare for the shoot, dad designed both the suit of his daughter & himself

Dad: Shek Fai
攝影師: Kel Li
Photographer: Kel Li
化妝師: Kitty So
Makeup & Styling: Kitty So
攝錄師: Rex Li
Videographer: Rex Li
Lighting: Markus Yang